Ron Moulton
Holladay, Utah
Landscape Artist

Whose Method of Choice is the Palette Knife.

    I was born in Salt Lake City Utah. My carefree years were the 1940's and early 50's. A time to run free through fields and orchards with my dog by my side. A time of green apples, swimming at spring run, smoking cedar bark behind the barn, playing kick the can with my cousin Reggie and close friends Ted and Herb along with others who lived on Murphy Lane. We were a close group of friends. Most of us attended Olympus High School together. I was part of the first graduating class at Olympus High School in 1954. I've worked 50 years in the Engineering field as an Engineering Technician. I am semi retired with painting as my main focus.

     I've loved art as far back as I can remember, spending time drawing stick figures and cartoons since childhood. I did not have the opportunity to attend art school, but it's always been a part of me. I have taken many art classes and workshops from respectable instructors over the years. My first painting teacher taught color theory, which gave me a solid foundation to build upon. (I'm still learning) I work in oils and paint landscapes in the impressionistic style. My inspiration comes from the mountains and valleys around me . Most of my paintings are of places I've skied in the winter, hiked in the spring, camped and fished in the summer, and color peeped in the fall. I love the outdoors and spend as much time fishing, gardening, and plein air painting as possible.

Ron Moulton